Planned trip to Memphis and ended up in Chicago by myself!!


After a horrific battle with the weather in the Dallas Airport on Friday afternoon, I was finally able to hop on a flight to Chicago, Illinois with no plans of what I would do once I got there.  Thankfully, I remembered my cousin had a friend there so I was able to text him right before my flight took off letting him know I was about to take off on a plane to Chicago with nowhere to stay.  THANKFULLY, my cousin happened to be in town staying with his friend.  I was able to stay with him and his friend that night and head out the next morning when he left for his flight.  We ended up staying up late, getting drinks, and having 3am Chicago pizza at Biggs Pizza in Wrigleyville.  The next morning I headed to Navy Pier with my luggage since I knew I would have to head to the airport that afternoon to go to my original destination, Memphis.  I took the most amazing (yet affordable) river architecture tour with Shoreline Sightseeing Architecture Tours! Here are some other great recommendations for Chicago below. IMG_2780


  • Bean
  • Millennial park
  • Cubs game
  • Architecture Boat Cruise
  • Navy Pier


  • Shaw Food Crab House
  • Summerhouse Santa Monica Brunch
  • Gerardono pizza
  • Mecadito Mexican
  • LondonHouse Rooftop
  • Signature Room 95
  • RL Resturant


  • Stans Donuts
  • The Allis at Soho House (coffee)


  • Cindy’s Roof Top


  • Sears Tower Skydeck



See my blog post on 5 Reasons Why To Use Airbnb for why Airbnb is the best housing option for 90% of the time you travel.



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