How a $10,000 Budget Turned into a $30,000 Wedding!

Planning a wedding? I know the frustration…


Coming from someone who is typical fugal and known as a saver, I am almost embarrassed to share that my original budget for my wedding was $10,000 since that obviously did not happen.


In my opinion, it better to splurge on photography, venue, bridal hair/makeup, and videography.  The venue can sometimes save you so much money in decorations or backdrops by its natural beauty or included decorations.  For photography and videography, it the only things you are able to cherish the rest of your life and the only things you can show people who weren’t able to come.  With saying those things, you are most likely not going to like anything about your whole day or pictures if you are not feeling completely “made up” into the princess you want to feel like.  Invest your money in trying hair and makeup out multiple time before your big day.



I would be pretty careful when you start making a guest list.  I wish I wouldn’t have let my parents invite extended family (who I or they are not even slightly close to). Salty much? Maybe a little. After everything, I think a good rule is if you haven’t seen them in 2/3 years or don’t hang out with someone outside of work/church/family functions, don’t invite them.  The guest list gets very out of control very fast.  Keep ya mom under control unless she’s funding your whole dream wedding!!  Cut back on huge flower arrangement or huge bouquets for everyone.  Keep it sleek, simple, and classy.



Stationary: $610

Engagement Photos: $160

Dress: $1400

Hair & Makeup for Everyone: $800

Jewelry: $300

Photography: $3,000 

Videography: $2,000 

DJ/Band: $850

Venue: $6,000

Coordinator: $500

Food & Cake (150 people): $4,400

Beer & Wine: $3,000

Flowers: $1,700

Limo: $300

Unexpected Expenses: $5,000


I bet that $5,000 of expected expenses is really bothering you right about now. Those unexpected expenses are those things no one ever tells you to think of and they just blindside your bank account.  Those are things you didn’t budget for, yet have to pay.  Let me just make a big long random list for you to understand: bridesmaid proposal, groom/bride day of gifts, guest book, stamps, dress alterations, hair extensions, shower invitations, cake topper, party favors, bridesmaid robes/hangers, wedding sparklers, place cards, decorations, thank you notes, seating chart, garter set, hair accessories, party napkins, picture holders, Vow books, card box, and the list goes on…

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K ξ J

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