5 Reasons Why To Use Airbnb

Save ya Money.

If you play your cards right, you can save an average of $113.52 per night around the world using Airbnb.  Here are the example numbers I used to come up with the average.

Average Nightly Price on Airbnb VS. Hotels:

Sydney, New South Wales, Austraila: $127 Airbnb vs. $199 avg. hotel

New York City, New York: $109 Airbnb vs. $225.07 avg. hotel

San Fransisco, California: $145 AirBnb vs. $292 avg. hotel

Barcelona, Spain: $80 AirBnb vs. $199 avg. hotel

Culture Emersion.

Nothing compares to entered someone’s home who eats, lives, and breaths their city.  Most Airbnb we have been to will have a book of travel ideas, book reservations for us, or leave a bottle of local wine in the kitchen.

Unique Living.

Hotels can’t offer you a treehouse, tiny house, airstream, castle, or cabin with the same incredible views for the unbeatable prices.  Don’t believe us, take a look at some unique places:

Perfect for Your Situation.

Going solo or on a honeymoon, family trip, or girls trip?  Airbnb allows you to customize by entire apartment, private room, or shared room.  If you are going solo on a budget, take the shared room options for an average of $41 in Paris, France or $19 in Bali, Indonesia.  Going for everyday couple travel, a private room is your best bet at an average of $73 in Dubai, UAE or $36 in Beijing, China.  For a family trip or large group travel, an entire house or apartment is your best bet at an average of $63 in Brazil or $85 in Alberta, Canada.

Referal Links.

Airbnb gives you $20 of credit toward your next travel when your friend books their first reservation.  Your friend also get $40! WIN WIN!! When traveling with friends, you can send all the people in your party the Airbnb credit to have multiple credits towards cheaper accommodations.  For example, I might go on a trip with two friends to Paris for two night and Belgium for one night.  Send friend 1 your affiliate link for them to take $40 off the room for night 1 in Paris.  Send friend 2 your affiliate link for them to take $40 off their room for night 2 in Paris. Finally, use your own $40 credit toward a nice room in Belgium!  You and your friends just saved $120 just like that!

Airbnb also give you a $50 credit when you add your work email and make your first business trip.  You do not even necessarily have to prove that it is, in fact, a business trip so you can book any reservation to get a $50 credit toward your next reservations. You just saved $50 just like that!

Questions?  Feel free to send us an email at GreatTravelAffair@gmail.com!

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